20 November 2016

Each His Own Wilderness Summary

1.        Title                                                : Each His Own Wilderness
2.        Author                                            : Doris Lessing
3.        Publisher                                         : Penguin Books Ltd.
4.        Year of Publication                        : 1959
5.        Town of Publication                       : Australia
6.        Theme                                             :
7.        Characters & Characterization       :
a.       Tony Bolton    : care, apathetic
b.      Myra Bolton    : tough, anxious, independent
c.       Sandy Boles    : thoughtfulness
8.        Setting of                                       :
a.     Time    : 1950’s-1960’s
b.     Place    : London
9.        Summary                            :
       Tony Bolton coming home after finished his Army service on March 18, 1958. After two years, he finally meets his mother, Myra Bolton, who happened to forgot the date of his National Service finished. This event become problem and led to another problems in the play. Myra sold the house so Tony can live his own life and be independent on the other hand Tony really loves the house and feel like to live there with his mother.
10.    Comment                            :
       There is a huge differences in mindset between Tony and Mira causes their relationship is strange. Yet, if it seen from another point of view there is a link to their strange relationship which is they loved each other with their own way. They don’t realized the differences has the same purpose so it become problem that tear them apart.

The Significance of Literature in Everyday Life

Reading literature is not only an activity of reading the text such as poems, plays, essays, stories and novels but also consists of thinking, discussing, analyzing and writing about the text itself.  For those people who love to use their leisure times on reading, literature has a power to entertaint them. By reading a literary text, the readers can get pleasure for spending their time to escape from their own lives and start to imagine the situation that happens in the stories. On a deeper level,  by reading a story, the readers will be able to see other people’s perspectives. Through a story, the readers can gain information of certain places, periods and cultures, the story capable to carry the readers to understand Life which they never experienced. Seeing from another point of view will allow the readers to experience more about life and also to help them to emphatize others. 
When the readers know how to understand literature and to apply the values of a stories to reality, it can helps them to deal with problems in life. Some people that literature is a reflection of the society and some texts consist of real reflection of what is happening.  Since it comes from life experiences, people can use literary texts to gain their knowledge about human’s problems and strenghten their ability to find out the truth around. The readers can use literature to be their guidance of life, compared the situation in the novels and reality as a reflection and to understand how to live.
As a product of art, literature contributes a significant impact in people’s life. For individual purpose, people can learn about feelings, humanities, ideas, cultures and other values on human’s lives. Through a text, people can experience particular events from a different society, place and even different era. Those values, can  help people to gain wisdom because one has to know the condition and feels it before give any comments or judgements. Besides, everything that written in a text such as prose, poetry or novel can be a reminder of what is really happens in the society. Literature becomes a mirror of the condition of human life, even the story take a different setting place or time but the values that embodied can be relevant to our lives today and somehow it becomes the prediction of the future. If people wise enough not to underestimate the role of literature in life, maybe the society can appreciate literature more.
            After reading prose such as The Rocking Horse Winner, Maggie A Girl The Street, The Legacy and The Kugelmass Episode the writer standpoint that literature does not change, it strengthens the concept of literature. When a story like The Kugelmass Episode scrutinized, we can learn about two differents culture and society since there are two stories in one. The writer, Woody Allen, puts a story of Madame Bovary in his story which has different setting of time and place with his own. To understand the story, we should have doing simple research to know the society’s culture in each story. This story can also be the guidance of life because the values embodied in the story can be applied in life and still relevant to the society nowdays. The Kugelmass Episode also fulfill the main function of literature which is to entertaint the readers, because Allen uses a comedy to deliver the story and it is really funny from beginnning to end.

17 August 2016

The Significance of Puritanism in Poor Richard’s Almanack by Benjamin Franklin

 Benjamin Franklin is one of the most influential people all the time. He is an American born who dedicated his life to his country in several different fields.  He discovered many things about electricity. His scientific experimentation becomes the basis of the single fluid theory. Not only his founding in electricity that affects American civilization but also other inventions such as bifocals, Franklin Stove and lighting rod. He is also the Founding Fathers of the United States. At that time, he served as the governor of Pennsylvania and he represents the colony to sign the Declaration of Independence in 1776. His career as a statesman continues. Later he is sent to France and becomes United States Ambassador for France. Furthermore, Franklin also served as American Minister to Sweden.
Born as a candle-maker’s son, Franklin attended school only until he was ten because his family did not have enough money. From then on, he taught himself to read and to write. He also works for his own father and brother, from his experience becoming his brother’s apprentice, he learns the printing trade. Since he is good at this field, he starts publishing a newspaper, Pennsylvania Gazette, and writes Poor Richard’s Almanac. Poor Richard’s Almanac written under pseudonym “Poor Richard” or “Richard Saunders,” it contains seasonal weather forecasts, practical households hints, poems, sayings, mathematical exercises and puzzles. His works are very popular among the colonies, it is also make him rich. From the definition of almanac itself, it is a yearly publication that includes all sort of information. In Poor Richard’s Almanac, the readers can find a lot of things that are very useful in everyday life, there are factual information, useful encouragement and advice. Moreover, one of the subjects that made Americans are waitfor his work is the practical advice about life. The other key point to remember is, there are influences of puritanism in Poor Richard’s Almanac, they are hard work, self-scrutiny and self-improvement.
As American, their  behaviour based on belief that unconsciously embedded deep on their values and thought patterns. Benjamin Franklin’s writing in Poor Richard’s Almanac contains the puritan values, which are hard work, self-scrutiny and self-improvement. In his work, he inserts at least one of those values, it can also contains the combination of two or all of those values. In his “On Acquiring a China Bowl & Silver Spoon” he describes how a modest family can achieve a luxury by working hard. Besides the effort of hardworking. there must be the wife’s blessing according to an English proverb “He that would thrive, must ask his wife.” As the head of a family, a husband has an obligation to support the family,. He works in order to get paid while a wife should keep his husband accompany and keep her hand busy. To support her husband, the wife can help the husband’s work. According to this story, the assignments are done by the wife are folding and stitching pamphlets, tending shops and purchasing old linen rags for the paper-makers. Besides, a wife is also managing all the house works since she does not have a servant.  In the beginning, this family was very modest, it can be seen from the condition of their house,. The furniture they own is plain and simple, they cannot afford the expensive one yet. Their modesty lifestyle also showed by bread and milk for breakfast without any tea, while at that time tea is the representation of luxury. The other case that shows a modesty is the use of cheap dinnerware. Because of the efforts, hard works and also the wife’s support, gradually the economic conditions of this family becomes better. There are processes that this family goes through and feels by. Until finally, the wife feels the need to give her husband better dinnerware which are a china bowl and a silver spoon, in order to respect her husband. Since the husband has been working hard, the wife can afford to buy three and twenty shillings dinnerware without the husband knowledge. It is more expensive than the old porringer with a pewter spoon which costs just two penny.
 For self-scrutiny value, it can be found in Franklin’s “Thirteen Virtues” which contains the goodness that can be done in life. This virtue might be little things, but every big things often have small beginnings. For this little things, when it is applied to life it give impacts others and also yourself. Franklin also includes a calendar that used to record when people do run the virtues within a certain period. The calendar can help people to introspect themselves because the notes written are neat and consistent.Those thirteen virtues are made to encourage person to live humble and simple. For example, on five of the thirteen virtues, it talks about the goodness that one person can do for themselves. The first is, temperance, it means do not eat too much and do not drink until drunk, just enough to fill the stomach. Second, order, getting all your works and responsibility on time. Third, resolution, it demands people to complete their plans. Fourth, industry, it means that a person should use their time effectively. The last but not least, cleanliness, this virtue means that a person should maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness their place. The other eight virtues related to how one person maintain good relations with others and also do things that are useful to others. To begin with, it is silence and sincerity. It means that a person should speak only the good things and it must has benefit for the speaker and the listener. Telling the truth to people in order to take care of their feeling is important yet if the truth will hurts people, do not speak it at all. The next one is frugality which means that a person should spend the money wisely. Do not buy something that has no purpose. Justice also becomes one of the virtues that tell people to not hurt other people for their own benefit. After that, there is moderation which means hold yourself to hate others and let them be on their own. It will make yourself calm and avoid a fight. Another virtue is tranquility that forbid people to think and to deal with unimportant things. Then, chasity which tell people to use venery only for health or babies and never hurt others. Finally, humility which means a person should be kind like Jesus and wise like Socrates.
Finally, the last thing that represent puritanism in Poor Richard’s Almanac is self-improvement which appears in “The Pride of the Americans.” At the beginning of the colony, American import a lot of things from England such as tea, fashionable clothes, fine furniture and manufacturing goods. American rely on England for those things, because they cannot make it yet. Their lifestyle also influenced and ruled by England. The commodities shipped from England are not cheap because those goods travels far, takes a lot of time and energies. Since the goods imported are expensive and luxurious, not everyone can afford it. At the same time, the Americans are wanted themselves to have an identity as an American, not Europeans but their behaviours are still similar with the Europeans. To show their pride, Americans started to explore their potential that can make them different from European and can be the identity of American. Therefore, that reason is the turning point of American who improve themselves be to be better. The identity of American is created by adjusting their social condition and geographical location. The things that are discussed above applied not only on goods but also norms and traditions.

As the concluison the writer, Benjamin Franklin, is cleverly inserting the puritan values on his work. Considering the main purpose of almanac is self-help book, the Puritanism that appears in this work leading people to do more goodness in their life. The puritanism in Poor Richard’s Almanac is hard work that require an individual to rely on themselves and work for their daily lives. The next one is self-scrutiny which means people should limit themselves in doing bad things and start to do good instead. Finally, self-improvement is important thing that people must do in order to live their life. People should raise their life achievement so they can start learn something new everyday.

12 August 2016

Bagian 2

Beruntung atau merugi?

Denganku, kamu tidak akan mati.
Karena, aku selalu menulis.

Kekal dalam puisi.


In the beginning, God created you and me.
Now you found me, I found you. We found each other.

And God said, "Let there be a kiss," knowing there will be a first kiss, I yelled at my friend through LINE. You just staring at me, smiling.

And God said, "Let there be a hug," God saw what we had was good. So He made the Heartbreaker and The Bitch no longer two but one.

God saw all that He made and it was very good but, it has come to an end.
And there was morning.
After a very long sleepless night.

The Heartbreaker and The Bitch had their very last--


They fall from heaven.

Different Day

If people ask, how can you know if it is goodbye.
I will let them know, how much space we had-- at our last kiss.

I don't know, I just know.

Part 1

You tought me to spell your name, that's, how I learned to write...
Then, you give me your words, that's how I learned to read...
At last, knowing you made me question every step you take-- that's how I learned to live.

(July, 2016)

01 December 2015

Final Thought

Seperti yang sudah-sudah, terlalu banyak kata dan tanda tanya dalam kepala. Menguap di antara huruf-huruf fana. 


20 March 2015

Do You Ever Hate Yourself?

For all the things I did and I didn't, I think the best thing I could do now is waiting.

19 February 2015

Another Failed Letter

Dear you, wherever you are, whoever you're with

Sorry it took me so long to write this letter.
I never really know what I'm going to write anyway.
So let me try once again, here here.

I heard you're doing your life okay, everything seems so perfect.
Mine is okay too, there's a lot to tell, it would be better if you see by yourself.


28 July 2014

Membacalah yang banyak kemudian menulis bertubi-tubi.
Biarkan kepalamu dibaca oleh semesta.

We'll See

Let me tell you a story.

Before this, I thought I'll never fall in again.
I forgot how it feels to have butterflies on my stomach.
It's been awhile since I could hold my head up high.
I never know that life could be this easy.

It turns out, I was wrong.

I love being in the passenger seat while you're driving.
I can't get enough of our conversation.
And I prefer to not sleep because reality is better than a dream.
Now, I'm not afraid of my own words because love speak louder than words.

This is not a love story, but I love us.

27 July 2014

Tentang Hal-hal yang Kuhapal di Luar Kepala

Aku sempat mengira waktuku sudah tiba. Bukan karena dokter jaga melepaskan selang-selang pernapasan dan tabung udara yang membantuku terjaga. Tidak. Bukan sakit seperti itu yang kurasa.
Ingatkah saat kita bertemu di tempat biasa? Hati dan otakku tawar menawar, menghitung segala kemungkinan yang akan kubayar.
Aku melepasmu dengan segala doa baik kemudian tubuhku terbelenggu pada dosa masa lalu.
"Ini cuma patah hati, bukan patah tulang kaki kiri. Bersyukurlah" Ujarku pada diri sendiri.

20 June 2014

Down the Rabbit Hole I Go

So, this is me. Fallen so far down the rabbit hole and I don't wanna get out.
That F rabbit hole named makeup.
I've bought, well.... let's say, 20 different products to make me looks like me and still want more.

Here is a list of my current daily make up:

  • Melilea Revitalizing Cream
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Concealer
  • Pigeon Teens Compact Powder
  • Maybelline Hypersharp Liner
  • Oriflame Very Me Double Trouble Eyeline
  • Oriflame Volume Build Mascara
  • The Body Shop Born Lippy Plum Lipbalm
  • Exclusive Barclay Splendid Lipstick (Fire&Ice)

There's so many products I want to buy, I'm gonna give you my August Wishlist.
  • Wardah Eyeshadow Matte G Series
  • Wardah Double Function Kit
  • Wardah Matte Bronze Nude Lipstick
  • Fanbo Fanatic Lipstick
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Amsterdam
  • The Body Shop Dare To Bare Colour Crush Lipstick
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss 040
  • Maybelline Baby Lips Colour
  • Caring Colour Stay True Foundation
  • Maybelline Clean Express Eye & Lip Make Up Remover
  • The Balm Nude Tude Eyeshadow Pallete
  • MUA Eyeshadow Pallete Glamour Night
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk Poreless White
  • 1 Set Skincare

29 January 2014

Day 30

30 hari setelah 2013 berakhir, keadaannya masih sama.

Kepergian masih harus dinantikan dan kehadiran merupakan komoditi mahal.
Tuhan telah memberikan paket hemat kepada manusia-- bagi yang percaya Tuhan, kehidupan dan kematian, keduanya berjalan beriringan. Setelah dirasa cukup untuk merasakan kehidupan, Tuhan akan memanggil manusia sekaligus untuk menempuh tahap yang lebih tinggi dari hidup- mati.


Yang mati memang menghadapi titik untuk berhenti.
Sedangkan yang ditinggalkan, harus kembali lagi menjalankan hidupnya seperti biasa. Jalanan yang macet, antre di ATM, mencuci baju dan berharap.

Berharap jika hidup yang telah didapatkan dan yang akan ditempuh nanti mampu membawa kebahagiaan untuk diri sendiri dan orang lain.
Berharap jika gilirannya tiba, kuburannya akan penuh sesak oleh semua orang yang mengenang kebaikannya.
Berharap jika saatnya pergi, keluarga dan teman-temannya mampu melanjutkan hari tanpa air mata.
Berharap agar tidak ada yang berubah setelah kehilangan-kehilangan ini.

Dan saya sangat berharap agar Tuhan yang diceritakan kakek nenek saya melalui tulisan-tulisan suci itu tidak menyiapkan hukuman kekal bagi mereka yang lalai beribadah tetapi melaksanakan tugas kemanusiaan.

Tulisan ini dibuat untuk merayakan kepulangan Papahnya Entien dan Papahnya  Rakhma.